About me

Hello! Welcome to my website on the internet. I’m Deborah. I’m a seasoned operations- and project manager. I’m also an aspiring system administrator and OSINT investigator. Next to managing operations or projects, I also have experience with digital security, technical product management, workshop production, and with writing technical documentation.

Self-taught, I’ve worked in the arts, digital human rights and (open-source) technology sphere for 20+ years, both for small organizations as well as a big telecommunications company. I’ve participated in the Bellingcat workshop in 2019 where I learned a broad set of OSINT research techniques and tools. Their work is now more important than ever, and it’s great to know how information or documentation can be verified.

As an activist, I’m vocal about defending human rights, inequality, digital security and privacy, especially important in this age of surveillance capitalism.

Geeky stuff aside, I’m also a ceramist with a focus on hand-building. The Japanese firing technique Raku is one my favorite methods of firing. I’m currently focusing on a series of ‘Face Vases’. You can take a peek at my work here

Music is very important too. I have a huge library full of weird and eclectic stuff; from avant-garde, experimental and electronic stuff, to hip-hop, (noisy)-punk, new-wave, traditional world music, doom metal, jazz, (contemporary) classical music and (Japanese) noise ~

– ⎺ ║ ╒ ╓┓ └ ᚤ  ⑅ ⑆ ⑇Ͷ ̮ ̯ ̰ ̱ ̲ᚥ ̳ ̴ ̵ ̶ ̷ ̸ ̹ ̺ ̻ ̼ ̽ ̾ ⑈ ┕ ┖ ╔  ⎼ ⎽& I’ve been a vegetarian for 3+ decades!

In January 2020, I started working for the Foundation for Public Code as Operations Coordinator. “The Foundation for Public Code helps open source projects for public organizations become successful, build sustainable communities around them and create a thriving public open source ecosystem. Their mission is to enable public-purpose software and policy that is open and collaborative. They do this through ecosystem level codebase stewardship of both software and civic code, enabling collaboration and reuse at scale.”

dem at riseup.net | Amsterdam
@demkodo | Linkedin | GitHub | Public Code | Instagram

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